Course Proposals

Creating or Changing Courses

L&S departments must submit course proposals via the Lumen Course Proposal System to create, change, or discontinue courses. 

All New Course and Course Change proposals must be complete with basic catalog information, course designations, learning outcomes, and course rationale. A sample syllabus that reflects this information and includes all required components must also be included. Please visit the L&S Course Proposal Information KB (Main Overview) for more information

Committee Review of Course Proposals

Once a course proposal is complete and entered into workflow, it must be reviewed and approved by the department, any cross-listed departments, the L&S Curriculum Committee, and the University Curriculum Committee. The full approval process typically takes about 8 weeks, assuming any revisions required are quickly addressed. Information about deadlines can be found here.


Questions and Help

L&S TLA staff can help L&S departments with the course proposal process. Please send any questions about the course proposal process to:

Sara Stephenson;


Upcoming L&S Curriculum Committee meetings

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