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Alison Caffrey

Position title: Instructional Designer

Antonella Caloro

Position title: Instructional Technologist

Danielle Clevenger

Position title: Teaching Assistant, Gullickson Fellow

Kimbrin Cornelius

Position title: Assistant Dean for Teaching & Learning Administration

Laura Dunnum

Position title: Assistant to the Office of the Dean

Kari Fernholz

Position title: Assistant Director, First-Year Interest Groups

Kim Grocholski

Position title: Academic Planner II

Molly Harris

Position title: Instructional Project & Engagement Coordinator

Jonathan Klein

Position title: Director, Instructional Design Collaborative

David Macasaet

Position title: Instructional Media Producer

Amanda Mahr

Position title: Instructional Planning Coordinator

Shirin Malekpour

Position title: Associate Dean for Teaching & Learning

Nathan Phelps

Position title: Assistant Dean and Director of First-Year Interest Groups

Lynne Prost

Position title: Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Academic Affairs

Orion Risk

Position title: Project Assistant

Andrea Samz-Pustol

Position title: Assistant Director of Constellations

Laura Schmidli

Position title: Instructional Technologist

Erika Schock

Position title: Instructional Design & Studio Assistant

Sara Stephenson

Position title: Academic Planner II

Cathy Yu

Position title: T&L Administrative Assistant