Peer Observation Partners

POP: A pilot program from the L&S TA Training & Support Team

Give and receive teaching feedback and build connections with the flexible and individualized Peer Observation Partners (POP).

L&S TAs meet for a one-hour kickoff session to learn fundamentals of peer observation and join a three-person Peer Pod. Pods pick their observation times, and each TA chooses what they want their Pod peers to observe about their teaching. Participate in POP to build your teaching portfolio, connect with other TAs, observe new teaching methods and styles, and practice giving constructive feedback. 

Video Pod Add-On:

Depending on interest and availability, POP TAs may dedicate additional time (+2 hours) and join a Video Pod, recording themselves teaching as an additional tool for observation. In addition to completing the standard POP program, Video Pod TAs access technical resources and a media primer for filming self-observations of teaching. 

Learning Outcomes:

    • TAs will work collaboratively with their Peer Observation Pod to structure, execute, and reflect on a peer observation process.
    • TAs will build professional teaching connections.
    • TAs will apply feedback best practices to give constructive feedback to peers.
    • TAs will receive, interpret, and apply peer feedback to improve their teaching skills and confidence.
    • (Optional:) Video Pod TAs will apply foundational media project skills and increase their reflective practice through creating video for self-observation.

The Peer Observation Partners pilot program is underway and registration has closed. Stay tuned for information on future sessions.