Peer Observation Partners

Peer Observation Partners

Give, receive, interpret, and apply peer feedback to improve your teaching skills and confidence.

Improve your observation and teaching skills with the flexible and individualized Peer Observation Partners (POP). Participate in POP to build your teaching portfolio, connect with other L&S TAs, observe new teaching methods and styles, and improve your skills giving and receiving constructive feedback.

New cohorts open at the beginning of every fall and spring semester.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify your goals for observing teaching and being observed
  2. Select a strategy for being observed and receiving feedback best suited to your goals
  3. Employ a strategy to observe and provide feedback to other graduate student teachers
  4. Evaluate your experience to determine value-adds, limitations, and next steps for giving and receiving feedback


This program is designed for TAs across L&S with varying teaching experiences and academic backgrounds.

Spring 2024 Session

For Spring 2024, the program runs Jan. 23-April 30.

L&S TAs complete a practice-focused Canvas workshop to establish your goals for peer observation, discover how to make them happen. Then, you join a Peer Pod, collaboratively select observation times, and communicate goals. The workshop includes the following Modules:

  • Module 1: Your Observation Goals 
  • Module 2: Peer Pod Observation
  • Module 3: Critical Reflection 

Estimated time commitment is 5 hours including the asynchronous Canvas workshop and observing two peers.

Stay tuned! The next POP cohort enrolls in fall 2024.